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From the Belgium magazine "Motor Sport", autumn 1979.
When at last there came the confirmation concerning the contracting of 250cc world champion Hakan Carqvist by Yamaha, the rumours get more breeding ground that Heikki Mikkola should shelved his bike.
Understandably also that one thinks to pull out if a younger element gets the preference.
Nevertheless a few weeks ago Heikki Mikkola told us: "I don’t know who or what it put about, but I have still certainly the intention to take part in racing next year!"
What at that moment still perhaps was true but now a couple of days ago became contradicted, almost simultaneous with the farewell of Roger DeCoster.
"You must understand it. At the beginning of this year I hurt my right knee and now at night I still lies awake of it sometimes. The pain is often unbearable and then you starts put asks oneself. No, but nevertheless I have decided then to knock off, although the farewell hurts". Heikki tells it all ourselves whereas he sit nice lazy in a seat: "Every winter the speed of the bikes becomes to forced up further to still be the best in the coming season. The time is not far away that still only supermen can keep the bikes in control.
And if you examine still the mentality with which some young riders bungled the past GP-season - do well however, and especially see not behind- then I do believe that the old Heikki have done wise to stop. I don’t want to finish in a wheelchair such as some of my friends. I love too much my healthy life… ".
Heikki all say it stone sober and quietly. He just has taken the most important decision from his life: stopping with an hobby with
which he was deserving his bread.
“Ah, I still have other arrows on my bow. It is evident now that I will be racing manager for Yamaha in Europe until the end of July 1980 and moreover now I can make still more time for my family plus other hobby' s as hunting and fishing in my beloved Finland.
Besides, a few months ago I bought a magnificent farm inclusive the belonging estates, so that I sure knows what to do with my time”.
Heikki Mikkola was one of those coloured characters which we shall missing a lot in the racers paddock. In his broken English he always was been prepared to address oneself a word to everyone who speak to him. He was the man of the speedy first laps, hopefully he still enjoys slowly for many years in his beautiful Finland where it is good to live.
"Ah, don’t sentimentalize all that. I have lived great times in motocross! But now I reached a moment that I see no way out to take part in a race in circumstances which become more and more difficult and dangerous. I thank the motocross and hope that the motocross also have a reason for thanking me".

We sure believe it, because those show-pieces which Heikki performed were as candies for the spectators which often came to see at work Mikkola, and only him. As a matter of fact Heikki are not for nothing the only pilot who became world champion in both 250cc and 500cc.
Therefore, an all-round man who wants to prove the next years that this was not only in case of motocross bikes.