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From the French version of the magazine: "Motor Mail International", 1978/2
Special thanks to "Dilhat" and "Tonylamalte" from France, for translating this interview.
Heikki Mikkola: Born on the 6th of July 1945 at Mikkeli, Finland. A wife Kaija, a daughter Hanna and a son Antti. Competed in his first race in 1963 and was crowned world champion in 1974 (500cc), 1976 (250cc) and 1977 (500cc).

“Hunting is too much fun to be blocked by motocross”.
Heikki Mikkola is a professional motocross rider but if he doesn’t race all year long the reason just been stated above. Therefore, he doesn’t even race the rich AMA series in the United States and instead he take a nice rest during the hunting season in Finland. Mikkola owns a superb collection of guns and pistols that are not only decorative but become useful while hunting five days a week with his friends as he consider the 30 kilometers walk in the snow to be a good training.

He discovered hunting when he was fifteen and got his license much before the one required to ride a bike, which maybe reflects his aggressive nature. Just as he was doing his first race and went off the track but managed to come back to finish in 6th position. He quickly took the habit to attack hard, not only as a hunter, but also when he played basket-ball or practicing athletics or skiing.
In 1966, he won the junior Enduro championship and in 1967 the snow races Finnish championship. In 1970 he became snow scout champion in Finland but it’s in 1967 that he scored his first points in the world championship. Joining the Husq-varna team as an amateur rider in 1971, Mikkola came to fame by beating DeCoster in 1974 and losing the title the following year after a tough season.

In 1976, Mikkola changed of category and won the 250cc world championship, finishing in front of Russian Moiseev for one point only. After having spend 12 years riding a Husqvarna, Mikkola switched to Yamaha last year for his return in the 500cc class. It was to be a full success as he offered Yamaha its first title, beating once again DeCoster.

This last success gave him the honor of having a statue of him erected in his home town! Aged 32 now, he considers himself as a veteran but he still believes that, due his greats skills, he can remains amongst the fastest for a while. His endurance, strength and hunter spirit are strong assets that guarantees Yamaha they can rely on a rider of international class.