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French motor magazine: "Moto-Journal", February 1973

In spite of his rude aspect that makes him look like a Viking just disembarked from a drakkar; Heikki Mikkola is one of the nicest GP riders. A week prior to our interview, Saarinen was crowned world champion in the 250 class (road racing) and Heikki was very proud of that as they know each other very well. Their friendship goes back to the time when they were both competing in the Finland ice race championship.
Mikkola even became Finnish champion in this specialty in 1968 and his style seems to have kept all the brutality of that era. So there is no surprise that Mikkola is the most popular foreign rider in Belgium.
Nothing, though, seemed to predestinate him to this
He has kept his brutal riding style to his races on ice.
career: his father being a state employed gamekeeper never rode a bike, nor did any member of his family.
“ I started to race in 1964, at that time there was only two championships; junior and senior. I won the junior title in the first year, riding a 250 HVA, a manufacturer I’m still loyal to.
In 1965 I broke my right wrist in my first year as a senior. In 1966 I end the season with the third spot and 1967 sees me finishing second of the championship rang get the 6th position of the Finland 250 GP”.

Heikki decided then to compete all the GP’s in the Nordic countries. “The following year I was 6th again in the Finnish GP and second to Torsten Hallman in the Swedish event. In 1969, still
riding as a privateer, I enter the whole GP season. At the time, only the top six were scoring points. 4th in France, 6th in Switzerland, 8th in Yugoslavia, I finish the season ranked 9th overall with about 40 points”.

Indeed, it is in 1970 that Heikki will breakthrough at international level. He nevertheless started the season in a bad way, breaking his right foot in the Spanish GP witch makes him outside competition for the French GP in Pernes les Fontaines.