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Heikki Mikkola
- A Finnish motorcycle legend
Heikki Mikkola is one of the few Finnish motorcycle legends. The four world championships alone do not give him a permanent place in the history books, something more must be achieved during a career. Mikkola’s position in motocross history was determined by perseverance and driving skills combined with technical skills as a development rider.
Text and photos: Simo Kohonen
Heikki Mikkola practiced all sports at a young age, for example in ski jumping his record is around 40 meters. “The downhill in Lahti was very challenging, but the passage through the bigger hills was too difficult so the downhill was canceled.
I played regional baseball and that was good fitness
training. Other sports, such as skiing and athletics, were also strongly represented in his youth, ”says Mikkola.
Heikki Mikkola got involved in motorsport through Martti Pesonen, who lived in the same place and later became known as a road racing rider. “Martti drew me to motocross by lending me
Nowadays four-time motocross world champion Heikki Mikkola runs his own shop.
his bike for my first race. That's where it started and I bought Martti's bike,” Mikkola recalls.
"I took part in the Päijänne rally three times, but I didn't manage to win it. At the beginning of my career, I drove speedways on dirt and ice races, where Jarno Saarinen and Teuvo Länsivuori also took part." says Heikki Mikkola.

A professional

Heikki Mikkola rode motocross from 1964 to 1979, when he became one of the motorsport legends with four world titles. “I got my first World Championship points in 1967 at Hedemora, Sweden, when the points system of both motos was added together and the top got six points. In 1969 I tried the World Championship
more seriously, including the last three races, ”says Mikkola.
Mikkola had his first full world championship tour in 1970 and from 1971 to 1976 he was the factory rider of then Swedish Husqvarna. In total, Mikkola has ridden on Husqvarna for 12 years. "I won my first world championship in 1974, in the 500 cc. In 1976 I won the world championship in the 250 cc on Husqvarna," explains Mikkola.

Yamaha motorcycle developer

For the last years of his career, Mikkola rode for the Japanese Yamaha team, from 1977 to 79. Mikkola brought Heikki Penttilä as a mechanic, so in case of emergency the communication went well, even though the main language was