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From a Belgian Motor magazine, 1971.
Actually we can’t hardly imagine it ourselves, if we are bringing ourselves in recollect his appearance in the fight for the world title, but in this early preseason Finland’s top motocross rider Heikki Mikkola had to experience that his entry was rejected in the first place for the (held with Sint Anthonis the Spring trophy) international motocross in Belgian Genk, because he would not be of sufficient class! No wonder a enormously charged Fin came to the cross in Lummen, on his very one, where they once wanted to see him at work.

This way charged and in top form, which he grandiose beat the complete high-priced field of stars with in this the complete Suzuki-works-trio Robert, Geboers and DeCoster as well as the British crew with John Banks, Vic Allan and Vic Eastwood and the strongest Swedes and Germans. Not one time, but generously in both heats plus handicap race, in which the rough northerner could start as very last!

Lummen lay at there, what you call, nicely. It was one large washboard. All the more amazing it was to see how the twenty-six-year-old Fin slide across there with his Husqvarna. As if he drove on an asphalt road.

Obvious the much more than ten thousand man strong public had come to cheer "its own" top. But the ease with which Mikkola (married and father of a daughter) ran away directly after starts were for these people so disconcerting that they finally gave up their cheer to the Belgian stars. Sometimes there is claimed that supporters can bring a rider to higher performances, but nevertheless then that won’t done here for the Suzuki-men. But what does it become as Mikkola rides for his own public? Here he was all alone and already completely inaccessible.
As extra event Lummens organization had considered a handicap race between the two leading heats, not counting however for the total result. Three men at the same time went off, firstly the last finishers of the first heat, followed by three a little less slower, etc. And as last man of course our Fin. In advance it seemed he had no chance at all, all the more after Heikki crashed smoothly after the beginning. But quickly he picked up his Huskie, take a good sit and there the show-
piece started that dumbstruck those whole Belgian crowd. A completely released Fin caught them all. He passed thirty of the strongest Belgians and foreigners to become first at the finish also in this impossible race. And it’s perhaps a little bit monotonously story, but when they nicely went of start in the second heat all at the same time, naturally it was Mikkola which drove constantly first, with the motto "without supporters it goes better".
In any case now in Belgium they know who is Mikkola! The result of the two heats after the total score are: 1. Heikki Mikkola (Husqvarna, Finland, 2 points); 2. Hakan Andersson (Husqvarna, Sweden, 8 pt); 3. Jaak van Velthoven (Husqvarna, Belgium, 10 pt); 4. John Banks (BSA, United Kingdom, 10 pt); 5. Adolf Weil (Maico, Germany, 12 pt); 6. Roger DeCoster (Suzuki, Belgium, 13 pt).