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Heikki could be easily spotted via his trademark goatee, and more often than not, there was a knit cap on his head.
During the mid-'70s, Roger DeCoster and Mikkola had some legendary battles, both abroad and in the USA. Here, at Carlsbad, Roger (#17) gets a great start.
lost interest in the American motocross scene after that, so motocross buffs out-side of Carlsbad seldom got a glimpse of the Flying Finn. All we knew was that the rider with the goatee on the very stock-looking, very un-trick Husky had defeated DeCoster in a season-long battle that would not be decided until the very last Grand Prix.
Motocross fanatics now had their own version of Roger Maris, the New York Yankee slugger who had eclipsed Babe Ruth's record of 60 home runs in a season. No one else should live in the house that the Great Bambino built, said Major League baseball, who branded Maris' record with an ominous asterisk.
MX buffs played that game too, pointing to Roger's finicky, unreliable Suzuki as the real culprit. Regardless, there was no joy in Mudville when 1975 rolled in and Heikki Mikkola's Husqvarna rolled to the gate sporting the Number One plate. More than twenty years have rocketed by, but these days it's easy to get confused about dates. Classic rock stations, reunion albums (uh...CDs) and the vintage MX movement have frozen
Mikkola won races mostly because he was in incredible condition. While other racers were resting or partying, Heikki would run laps around a lake.